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I'd rather be sailing. . .

After a couple of careers as a government bureaucrat and then as a private sector advisor to private sector bureaucrats, I am now happily "retired" as the president of the South River Federation (a member of the River Keeper Alliance), and doing the occasional project in consulting and real estate for Kincey Potter and Associates.

My Career(s)

After graduating from William and Mary as a Phi Bet, I went on to get a fascinating Masters in Politics from the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers, where a small graduate class of a dozen or so candidates studied with Don Herzberg, who thought that political parties were America's great contribution to politics. I went into government service as an Intern in 1965, "retiring" eight years later (for the first time) as a GS 14 as head of the Emergency Employment Program for the DC Government.

After an eight year break to go sailing in the Eastern Caribbean (three years), and working for the Government of the US Virgin Islands (five years), we moved to New York City where I got a job with American Management Systems for about 20 years. I had moved into free-lance consulting on the design of large computer systems for the financial services industry when Osama bin Laden and his henchmen persuaded me to retire the second time by driving their plane into the building I was working in at the time (WTC #2).

My Interests

I'm a sailor and a birder. In part because of my appreciation for the natural world from these hobbies, and my own observations of the serious deterioration in coastal natural resource systems, I have become an ardent conservationist, starting with support for the watershed that we now live in in Annapolis. In 2004 I became president of the South River Federation, not long after the Federation hired a full-time Riverkeeper to help monitor and advocate for the restoration of the river and the Chesapeake Bay. [Go to the LINKS page for more contacts related to these activities.]